Passiv Haus
What is a Passiv Haus ?

The Passiv Haus concept was first developed in 1988 by an Austrian, Dr. Wolfgang Feist who consequently founded the Passiv Haus institute in Darmstadt Germany. A certified Passive house will reduce energy costs by %90. To achieve this it employs 6 Key features.

An airtight building envelope

Triple glazed/triple sealed windows

Heating recovery and ventilation systems

Seeks to eliminate thermal bridges

Superior insulation


If reducing your carbon footprint also meant saving on the future cost of running your home and greater comfort , would you invest in an environmentally sensitive build? 

Ask us about Improved insulation and ventilation, glazing and window systems, Solar hot water and electricity, hydronic heating, Passive heating and cooling, and rainwater harvesting These considerations will reduce the need for energy consuming heating and cooling appliances.
Reducing environmental impact will save you money.


If you have already engaged an architect or designer and developed your own design, we would be happy to provide an estimated build cost.

For a fixed price quote the following documentation is required , a complete set of construction drawings including site plan, Geotech's soil report, Engineers design/computations, energy report, and in some cases; a planning permit and other supporting documentation depending on the specific site. 


Goycon offers a planning and consultation service from the first concept drawings right up to a building permit being issued. Ask us how we can tailor a comprehensive service to your specific needs.