Our response to COVID-19


At Goycon we are taking the following 5 steps to protect our clients, staff and members of the public.

  1. Hand sanitising is essential and we are making it mandatory for all staff to wash hands thoroughly before and after work, before and after meal breaks and toilet visits.
  2. We insist that all staff wash their hands at least 5 times in a regular 8 hour day when working in people’s homes, all staff are required to wash their hands at least 10 times in a regular 8 hour working day.
  3. Washing hands means at least 30 seconds, preferably with soap and hot water, or alcoholic hand sanitiser (%70 ethanol)
  4. Social distancing should be increased to 2 meters while carrying out physical work, otherwise 1.5 meters
  5. If you feel unwell or show symptoms: DO NOT come to work, notify your employer and GET TESTED If as a client, you feel unwell, please inform us, we will postpone work at no additional charge to you, your health, our health is more important!