About Us


About Us

Goycon is a Melbourne based building company currently focused on extension and renovation projects working with architects, designers and a range of other industry consultants Goycon is owned and operated by Andrew Goy a Registered Building Practitioner (DBU-25505) Goycon projects exceed industry benchmarks (standards and Tolerances) in build quality as well as the best possible outcomes for environmental impact and energy efficiency. Superior documentation and contract management combined with consistent communication makes our customer service an experience to enjoy. Building or renovating should be an exciting time not one filled with stress or doubt. Goycon believes a great project starts and ends with great relationships, based on communication.

Goycon Pty Ltd is a registered building practitioner operating across Victoria specializing in elevated and semi- rural properties around the Dandenong  Ranges and Yarra Valley.

Our specialities include the use of natural/raw materials, and in particular,  timber, stone and corten steel to create innovative spaces full of practical features integrated with minimalist finishes.

Our small team form a productive and personal working relationships. This benefits our clients in many as excellent communication ensures projects are delivered on time, and most importantly, with a consistent level of quality from start to finish.

Keen to deliver value to our clients, we use standard off the shelf materials and fixtures with a moderate approach to structural engineering. This has the tendency to reduce the need for extensive steel framing and concreting.

Goycon promotes the use of sustainable building materials: low impact, recyclable and materials with low embodied energy. In addition we actively engage in environmentally friendly building practices such as onsite recycling, waste reduction and a minimal impact approach.

While our core business is constructing contemporary extensions to serve the modern Australian family, we can also assist with consultation and design, town planning, construction drawings and even landscape design to match your modern home.